About Us

Our Mission

Our philosophy is simple: deliver great work and treat our customers as if we are part of their team. Many times we are considered just that. We all have been on both sides of the services fence and truly believe that honesty, transparency and integrity are non-negotiables when it comes to providing service. Call us old-fashioned, we call it the right thing to do.

User Experience

  • Useful, cohesive experiences
  • Business and user value
  • Collaborative team dynamic

Research Lab

  • Modern, comfortable facility
  • Fresh, engaged respondents
  • Convenient location


  • Creative & IT talent
  • In-depth interview process
  • Performance oriented

It’s not about providing services, it’s about the results that can be achieved through human-centered design

Our Leadership

There’s little substitute for experience. Our management team average 15 years each in the field and have held positions in a diverse number of high profile interactive companies. They are responsible for identifying, managing, and challenging talented digital professionals to create winning solutions for our clients.

Keith Deaven

CEO and Co-Founder

Jason Pentecost

Principal and Co-Founder

Mauro Scappa

Vice President, Placement Services

Greg Herring

Vice President, Strategy and Operations

Heather Gay

Vice President, UX Research

Andy Parker

Head of UX Design